The Eagles had the best group touchdown celebration in the NFL this week (VIDEO)

The Philadelphia Eagles played a complete game on Sunday in their 34-7 win over the Arizona Cardinals. Even the touchdown celebrations were top notch!

The fact that he’s not definitely out, that’s obviously good news, said Koetter, adding that Winston won’t attempt to throw until later in the week, if he throws at all.

There was a lot of focus on how surprisingly great a night that was for the Giants, but wasn’t it also just an inexcusably terrible loss for the Broncos? At home, coming off a bye against an 0-5 team that was down its top three wide receivers, its starting center, its best pass-rusher and one of its top two cornerbacks? And your top two division rivals had already lost, like, an hour before? How do you come out flat in a game like that? Should be a wake-up call for a Broncos team that has mainly played angry after missing the playoffs in 2016.

With Aaron Rodgers out, possibly for the season, due to a broken collarbone, Packers coach McCarthy has been adamant about going with third-year backup Brett Hundley and not looking for outside help. Hundley is well-regarded in some scouting circles, and part of the reason people around the league are intrigued by him is that they’d be intrigued by any quarterback who had spent three years in McCarthy’s program.

There’s no way Hundley has Rodgers’ gifts for accuracy, for manipulating the pocket, for game-winning throws on the run — no one does. But Hundley, who is signed on a cheap deal through 2018, has some talent, and McCarthy now gets more than half a season to figure out how to maximize that talent and minimize his weaknesses. If he succeeds, the Packers could have one of next offseason’s more compelling trade chips on their hands.

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