Kyrie Irving requests trade from Cavaliers, stunning LeBron James and entire NBA

Kyrie Irving shocked the basketball world when he requested to be traded from the Cavaliers, according to multiple reports. Despite winning a championship and reaching three straight Finals, Irving is reportedly tired of ceding the spotlight to LeBron James and yearns to run his own team.

For those who are emoji illiterate (no shame in that!), here’s a translation: a palm tree represents the Miami Heat, who are trash. The shamrock emoji is the Celtics, of course, and they’re poop. And the Jazz, represented by a saxophone? The trophy emoji is often used to represent something that’s generally positive, but in this specific instance, perhaps Gobert is trying to say that if Hayward returns then Utah will win a championship.

Ah yes, the we have more rings flex. That’s what he’s saying: the Heat have three, the Celtics have 17, and the Jazz have … none. (That’s what the little emoji guy is saying, crossing his arms and shrugging.)

However you want to categorize him, Hayward is an offensive star and offensive stars solve problems. He should fit seamlessly into a system that was desperate for another shot-creator and shooter to pair with Isaiah Thomas. One or the other should be on the court at all times, meaning those interminable minutes when the Celtics couldn’t do anything but fire up contested threes will become a thing of the past.

Hayward does come with a cost. To clear the space to offer him a max contract, the Celtics had to waive Tyler Zeller and renounce their free agents, including Kelly Olynyk. They’ll also need to trade somebody from their roster. That somebody will be one or more of the following: Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, or Jae Crowder.

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