3 winners and 2 losers from a surprising week in the WNBA

The best team in the WNBA had their worst week yet, while the worst team had their best. That’s where we’re at in this year’s WNBA season, which only has a few weeks left to play.

Here are the winners and losers from the WNBA this past week, featuring good times in San Antonio, a bad few days in Minnesota, and an excellent day for dancing.

The Stars were a dreadful 3-21 on the final day of July, drifting aimlessly through a lost season with little to show for it, not even from their thrilling rookie Kelsey Plum who barely played. That’s how you lose a locker room and why fans stop showing up. You can be bad, but you have to give them something.

The Wizards and the Celtics playing at noon should have been a given, so I didn’t even try to get around that. But we could have started to shake things up in the afternoon with a Kyrie vs. LeBron matchup. We needed a quick break from Cavs-Warriors so this will suffice.

Then, we would have seen a solid Texas matchup between the Spurs and Rockets, which would have taken place while you absolutely have to pay attention to your families. The night could have started with Russell Westbrook taking his new best friend Paul George right into the Bay Area to see how they stack up against the Warriors. The score of this game doesn’t matter. It’s the drama that we need.

Then, the night would have finished with a fun game between the youngest stars in the game.

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