LeBron James thinks Stephen Curry’s deal should really be worth $400 million

NBA free agency started on July 1 and Stephen Curry was one of the first to take home a big payday. Actually, it was a supermax pay day, earning him $201 million over 5 years with the Golden State Warriors, and making him the highest paid player in NBA history. Curry will average around $40 million per season with the Warriors, an amount he has certainly earned.

Houston isn’t allowed to offer Nene a four-year deal because of the newly implemented Over 38 rule. The fourth year of the deal would extend past Nene’s 38th birthday, which isn’t allowed under the new CBA a nuance NBPA president Chris Paul fought for, only to opt-into his contract with the Clippers and accept a trade to the Rockets.

Instead, the Rockets can only offer Nene a three-year deal worth $10.9 million, according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks. The $4 million drop in salary disappointed Nene, according to The Undefeated’s Marc Spears, and the veteran big man is back at square one in free agency.

The 36-year-old power forward earned his first NBA championship with the Warriors last season, playing spot minutes for a Golden State team touting four All-Stars including two-time MVP Stephen Curry and four-time scoring champion Kevin Durant. The Warriors became the most dominant team in postseason history, sweeping through the Western Conference playoffs before handily defeating Cleveland in the Finals in five games.

Now, West makes his return for a chance to go back-to-back, putting the cap on an incredible basketball career that has checked off most boxes a 15-year player could ask for.

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