It was very hard to keep this secret for the past month and there were a couple of times we almost blew it!

Start%: The player’s start percentage, which shows how often he earned your start in an ESPN standard PPR (points per reception) league. This is his number of Starts — those defined below — divided by his number of scheduled team games.

CR: The player’s consistency rating, which is calculated as his weekly standard deviation divided by his PPR fantasy points per game average. This is meant to identify the players who were most consistently close to their weekly averages. The lower the number, the more consistent the player. Again, lower numbers are better.

Griff has loved Gurley ever since he played at Georgia. Most of the family are die-hard UGA fans, except his mom who loves Auburn, making football season interesting in the house. Regardless of allegiance, they all support the Rams’ running back.

What happens next with the case? A temporary restraining order only stays in effect for 14 days, so something else has to happen soon.

The likeliest next step is for the NFLPA to file a motion for a temporary injunction. There would be an evidentiary hearing involving both sides before that can be granted, but this only took a few days when the NFLPA and Elliott went through this process with the district court in Texas.

If granted, the injunction would keep Elliott on the field until the court case is fully resolved. If that’s the case, the NFL will likely respond by asking for a stay on the injunction, just like it did the last time.

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